Your Hub for
3D Visualization

Your Hub for 3D Visualization

Create 3D models and apply them in cutting edge AR, VR, 360-degree spins, floorplanning, and high-quality rendering solutions.

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Develop 3D models

Cost-effective, high quality, at scale.

Enable Coohom's expansive network of 3D modelers to create 3D versions of your products. Always have the final say on the quality of 3D model to make sure it's an accurate digital representation of your real item.

Upload and Manage

Models, texture swatches, and finishes – all in one interface.

Products are made up of many textures and components. Don't sweat over the complexity. Easily map textures against parts of a 3D model. Then categorize them through in folders to always be aware of where your models are.

3D Model Viewer

Spin to see from all angles.

See your products in photo-realistic renderings from all angles. Give this experience to your customers to really see what your product looks like. And drape it in the multiple configurations that you offer.

Drag to Rotate

Texture Swap:

App-Less Augmented Reality

Place your products in a real setting.

Enable your customers to visualize their product in their own spaces – whether that be their living room, dining room, or office. No need for a custom app development – mobile web is enough once you're using Coohom's 3D Model Viewer.

Auto-Generate Photo Studio Images

Replace traditional photography.

With advancements in cloud super-computing, Coohom is able to offer one of the fastest rendering engines that creates photo-realistic renderings. Leverage our technology to generate images for all kinds of uses – brochures, online ads, catalogues, etc.

Floor Planner

Quickly design 2D and 3D rooms!

Import a floor plan or draw from scratch. Drag and drop models to generate 2D and 3D room settings. Pick from our generic product library of 40,000+ models or use your own. Work on your design on web or iPad!


High-Speed Rendering

4K renderings and panoramas in under 1 minute!

Using Coohom's Floor Planner, place a camera into a room setting and generate photo-realistic renderings and panoramas in under 1 minute. If that's not enough, put together a 720-tour by combining multiple panoramas!

Virtual Reality

Step into it with VR.

Once projects are complete, walk through a 720-tour of the space with a phone-assisted VR headset. Or generate customize a higher end VR experience using the Oculus or HTV Vive headset. Fully immerse yourself in the space.

API Integration

White label the experience.

Make the experience your own. Embed our 3D model viewer or Floor Planner on your website and enable your customers to design and visualize their own spaces. Export a bill of material and see data on which products were engaged with most!


A leading platform for 2D and 3D design at your fingertips. Go from moodboard to 3D design in minutes. Three easy steps!
Upload 3D models
Upload all your 3D models or choose from our public library of 50,000+.
Furnish your project
Complete your design by drag and dropping in furniture, wall, and flooring elements.
Generate a rendering
Finish it off by generating a photo-realistic image in under 1 minute.
Take your marketing into the next age with digital photo studios and a spinnable 3D model viewer. Don't have a 3D model? Let us create it for you!
Create 3D model
Feed your requirements to us so we can create 3D models for you. Cost-effective and fast.
Generate photo-realistic images
Pick a Photo Studio room from the hundreds of templates available to generate images.
Experience AR
Embed a 3D model viewer with app-less AR into your product pages so your customers can get a real feel for what you offer.
Deliver the best experience for your customers with AR, VR, and floor planning solutions proven to increase basket size, decrease returns, and improve satisfaction!
Access 3D models from brands you sell
Access 3D models from the brands that you sell. If they don't have 3D models, we can help with that.
Use Coohom's Floor Planner
Distribute Coohom's Floor Planner to all your sales staff. Let us help on board and train them to ensure maximum adoption.
View in AR or VR
Showcase single products in AR, or view entire designs in VR. Co-create with customers in store or enable them to design themselves online.