Interior, Commercial & Real Estate Design

Fast rendering speeds produce realistic visualizations your customers will love.


Why Coohom?

  • Fastest rendering engine

    Render images in under 60 seconds to show your customers what the space will look like. View single products in AR and full room settings in VR.

  • Easy to use design platform

    Drag, drop, and render is all that it takes inside Coohom. Modern and easy to use interface with all designs syncing to the cloud.

  • Satisfy your customers

    Co-create designs with customers to ensure that their needs are met. Easily update designs and generate new renders in minutes.

The All-in-one Home and Commercial Decor Solution

3D Model Development
Upload and manage your own library of 3D models to use in your designs.
3D Floor Planner
Create specific rooms or a full house with floor plan and 3D view.
Cloud Synchronization
All your work backs up to the cloud, so continue your projects, wherever you are.

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