Furniture Brands

Create 3D models to supply your retail network.


Why digitize?

  • Furniture industry digitization

    In order to adopt new technological advances, retailers are demanding 3D content from brands.

  • Reduce visualization costs

    Render images instead of set-up showrooms and take product photography. Faster, easier, and cheaper.

  • Improve content management

    Manage a digital catalog of all your 3D models using Coohom's content management system.

The All-in-one Manufacturer Solution

3D Model Development
Develop and own a digital product library to use across all digital touchpoints. Share 3D models with your retailers or use them within the Coohom platform.
3D Floor Planner
Enable your design team to create high quality renderings of room settings to show retailers, customers, and more.
360-Degree Viewer
Visualize products in a single viewer with rotation and texture swapping capabilities. Map as many textures as you want to one single SKU.

Let Us Help You Digitize Your Experiences