2D to 3D Model Development

Develop high-quality 3D models with texture replacement


Why You'll Love Coohom's 3D Model Development Service

  • Highest Quality 3D Modeling

    We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of 3D modeling.

  • Ownership of Your Content

    While we will be creating the 3D models for you, you’ll still have ownership of the property.

  • Cost-effective

    One of the cheapest 3D modeling fees in the industry.

Key Features

Content Management System
Once 3D models are created, all content is stored and backed up to the cloud in our content management system. Update once and all products are updated everywhere.
Texture Replacement
One product may have multiple textures. Coohom's texture library makes it easy to upload your own textures and swap them onto your products.
Models are reusable across many different channels, both in and outside of Coohom.

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